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    During a recent visit by dinosaur track researcher Glen Kuban, I was
given some very detailed and wonderful casts he has make from world-class
dinosaur tracks, as well as casts of some Permian tracks from New Mexico.

    Now, I am happy to relay for the benefit of any listers who would like
to purchase Glen's accurately detailed and colored casts, that he is now
offering some of these on eBay.  The quickest way to access a full list of
what he has available there is to click on:


    Then, simply click on View my eBAY Auctions (top of page), and the whole
list will appear.  Then, click on the ones most interesting to you.  Better
still, have a look at each of them.  What Glen does, he accomplishes with
great skill and accuracy, and there are more casts available than just
dinosaur tracks.

    Furthermore, on the back of Glen's casts is a beautiful print-out of
data on the particular specimen from which the cast was derived.  Those
appropriate for wall-handing also have a nice hangar on the back that does
not mark one's wall, because they are coated.

    Most of Glen's auctions end Friday, December 8, so have a look at these
beauties before they disappear.

    Glen did not ask me to make this announcement for him, but because I
think there are many of you who would appreciate his casts, because they are
so very exceptionally excellent, and since he is both a dedicated dinosaur
track researcher and friend, I have decided to 'spill the beans' that these
beauties are out there and available.

    Have a look.  You'll understand my enthusiasm.

    Ray Stanford