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Re: _Microraptor zhaoianus_

Mickey Mortimer writes:

> Hey everyone!  Here's the description of Microraptor, direct
> from Nature (am I allowed to do this?

> Never seen it done before, but I can't see why not).
Because it is copyrighted material.  There is a huge difference between
quoting a line or two from a paper and reproducing the entire publication.  
Anyone who would like to post a complete scientific paper on the dinosaur
list had better be sure it is his own or he has permission from the author or
the publisher.  That is why there are copyright laws, and these also apply to
Internet use.  

For further information on the subject, particularly in getting Nature's
permission (which I have to assume was not done in this case), see the
following on Nature's website:

For permissions to use Nature copyrighted materials, including figures and
tables, contact Marie Williams at permissions@nature.com, citing the title of
the contribution you want to use, where it is to be reproduced, and the Nature
reference (for example Volume 402 , page 269; 18 November 1999).
Nature freely grants permission to reproduce such materials for
non-commercial use, subject to you obtaining the consent of the author, or,
where relevant, the photographer/illustrator.
Photocopying of articles for classroom and coursework use
Please deal directly with your national copyright licensing agency/copyright
clearance centre.
Other inquiries
Send any other inquiries to permissions@nature.com, with details of the
request. Nature may at its discretion provide publishers with electronic
versions of items in formats suitable for print and electronic use. In such
cases a handling fee will be charged.

Mary Kirkaldy
Dinosaur Mailing List Co-owner