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Re: climbing dromaeosaurs and friends

Cynthia Marshall wrote:

<<I understand that hoatzin chicks do not climb with their claws and
forelimbs, but actually climb like parrots, using their beaks.>>

Ralph Miller III wrote:

<I'm not so sure about that. I will respond to this when I can back up
my understanding (or misunderstanding, as the case may be) with
confirmed observations. (Cueing up "The Life of Birds with David

  'Fraid to say hoatzin use both, with the beak thing being considered
a feature in common with parrots along with ovenbirds, which are the
only birds that climb with their beaks. The hands are used as a braces
to propel the animal among shrubbery and branches, but I am unaware of
hoatzin climbing trunks ala Chatterjee, or my own figure on the
Dinosauricon [needs to be updated so the arms are splayed outward, but
there will be more than just that in the newer version, as soon as my
scanner works].


  I dissagree with Allan Gishlick's analysis restricting dromaeosaurs
to the group because the primary action of the forelimb was inward, and
the wrist could not flex in the position the arm would have to be in to
propel the animal upward. To say nothing of _downward_, of course.

Jaime A. Headden

  Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Pampas!!!!

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