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Re: _Microraptor zhaoianus_

Mary Kirkaldy wrote-
> Here's the description of Microraptor, direct
> from Nature (am I allowed to do this?

> Never seen it done before, but I can't see why not).
Because it is copyrighted material.  There is a huge difference between
quoting a line or two from a paper and reproducing the entire publication.  
Anyone who would like to post a complete scientific paper on the dinosaur
list had better be sure it is his own or he has permission from the author or
the publisher.  That is why there are copyright laws, and these also apply to
Internet use.  

Oops! :-[ Heh heh.  Sorry about that!  Thought there might be some good reason this is never done, but what about abstracts?  These are often copied into posts, presumedly without the author's consent.  Is the case different for one paragraph of abstract than it would be for six paragraphs of description (note I didn't copy the entire paper)?  In any case, I won't do this again.  Apologies to Xu, Zhou and Wang.
Mickey Mortimer