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Re: Cladogram

Rob Gay wrote:

<Well folks, I finally decided to try and do a cladogram. I used 5 taxa
and 13 characters, all from the skull, and used PHYLIP to plot it all

  First, not bad results for a 6-taxon vs. 18-char test. Relatively
high resolution. I would disagree somewhat, as may be clear in the very
near future when I finish fussing over the halticosaurs (whatever those
are) and figuring out who's more plausible: Sereno&Wild or Chatterjee.
There are several intriguing conclusions I'd like a few years to test
over by seeing the German specimens in person, including the
*Liliensternus* type in the Bavarian castle wall.... :) There are some
fairly complete taxa that could be added to see if they resolve the
trichotomy at the base of the tree. I would add the other somewhat
complete forms to add to the collection, such as *Procompsognathus*,
*Liliensternus*, *Eucoelophysis*, and *Gojirasaurus*, all
"coelophysoid" and set the outgroup to Herrerasauridae (the outgroup
does not need to be complete O's). Further, one might add *Carnotaurus*
and *Elaphrosaurus*, and Tetanurae for relativity ... and to test the
placement of some coelophysoids along the grade to tetanurines. this
would add "character" to the study. Also, you might want to add the
matrix to site, so that others can see the codings.... Just a "all want
to put their hands in the pot" situation, so to speak. In this case,
there _cannot_ be too many cooks at the kettle.

  Otherwise, it offers an intriguing beginning: *Syntarsus* is
paraphyletic. Now test this, because it is novel suggestion.

Jaime A. Headden

  Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Pampas!!!!

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