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Re: _Microraptor zhaoianus_

Matt Martyniuk wrote-

> Anyone know how the teeth of _Microraptor_ compare to _Koparion_, the
> early troodontid?

The teeth of Microraptor vary morphologically with position, but neither
anterior or posterior teeth resemble the known tooth of Koparion very
closely.  The posterior teeth are more similar to Koparion in that they have
posterior serrations and constricted roots.  Unlike Koparion, they lack
anterior serrations, have much finer posterior serrations (~25 vs. 12) and
are much more slender.

Steve Brusatte wrote-

> I'm curious about the feathers found on this specimen.  I haven't read any
> specifically on the feathers yet (or the paper), and am curious about the
amount of
> feathers that were preserved, and how they compare both with modern bird
feathers and > the feathers of other non-avian dinosaurs.  Any information??

Read the inappropriately (cough, cough) copied description I posted earlier
( http://www.cmnh.org/fun/dinosaur-archive/2000Dec/msg00193.html ).  The
last paragraph discusses the feathers.  They are similar to those of
Liaoning birds and even have potential rachis.

Mickey Mortimer