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RE: When the going gets tough

>>> "Patty Ralrick" <pattyralrick@hotmail.com> 12/07/00 09:34PM >>>
>So don't give up, Jessica.  It is a lot of hard work, but keep in mind just 
>how worthwhile it will all be when you're finally done and can get on with 
>what you really want to do.

I'm going to continue in this vein just a little longer. When I was growing up, 
all I wanted to be was a paleontologist - and a doctor, policeman, minister, 
teacher, fireman, etc. I finally chose teacher, and went off to college to 
study. I did not know then how my love of paleontology would come back and bite 
me in the behind later on...

Now I am a 37-year-old man, who works in a museum call center and dreams of 
going back to college to work on a degree (or even just classes!) in 
paleontology so that I can be a part of this field.

Hold on to your dreams - do everything in your power to keep them alive. Once 
they die, a part of you dies, too. I know, it sounds like a cliche (it is!), 
but it is also true.

Brent : )