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Re: When the going gets tough

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Date: Thursday, December 07, 2000 7:24 PM
Subject: Re: When the going gets tough

>In a message dated 12/7/00 4:35:54 PM EST, pattyralrick@hotmail.com writes:
><< Usually, after flinging my Calculus book across the room in frustration,
>Don't give up on calculus; it really is easier to learn than it looks.
>of it as a natural extension of algebra (which in turn is a natural
>of arithmetic).

My recommendation to all College students "struggling" through tech
courses....Look for a better textbook to supplement the one you`re using.
This has helped me through a number of courses in Math, Chem and Bio. I was
very good at algebra, but when taught the first term calculus, by a young
associate prof, he had to stop after the first two weeks and begin all over
again, as the majority of students (myself included) were just not catching
on. I barely got through the first term, then happened to be at Barnes and
Nobel, and fould an excellantly written text (by "Thomas" I believe) and
over the Christmas break was able to bring myself "up to par"in Calculus.

By the way, the text we >were< using was written by a professor at City
College where I attended. (I believe some "politics" were involved in
assigning this particular text!) After that, I always looked around for
"supplemental" reading if I felt the text was not "up to par".