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Re: Meet Protopteryx: two Yixian maniraptorans in one week!

> The word "sic" (Latin = thus) is used when quoting text from other sources, and has
> come to mean
> "This is what the other guy said, and I'm giving notice that I am aware that
> it is incorrect".

I always thought "sic" stood for "spelling in context", indicating that that's how it
appeared in the original text. Maybe I'm wrong.

It does. In fact, that's exactly what it means - quoting directly from the "original text" and acknowledging that you are aware that the usage or spelling in the original text is erroneous. But putting "sic" after your own misspellings because you aren't certain of the spelling (and can't be bothered checking) does not qualify as proper usage. This is very pedantic of me, but it's a pet peeve of mine.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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