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sic and Hesperornis

Nick Pharris wrote:

> > >I always thought "sic" stood for "spelling in context", indicating that

> > >that's how it

> > >appeared in the original text. Maybe I'm wrong.

> >

> > It does. In fact, that's exactly what it means


>A quick clarification: "spelling in context" is indeed what "sic" is used

>for, but the _expression_ did not *originate* as an acronym.

Yep, "sic" is Latin for "thus" (as I mentioned in an earlier post).  In effect it means "He did it!"  I didn't mean to imply that "sic" literally stands for "spelling in context".

Anyway, while on the topic of feathered dinosaurs,  feather imprints have been reported for at at least one _Hesperornis_ specimen.  Have these been compared to the Yixian theropods?  After all, _Hesperornis_ did not use its feathers for flight, and it would be interesting to compare its feathers with the "integumentary structures" of the flightless theropods (e.g. _Microraptor_, _Sinornithosaurus_ etc)..





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