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Re: bipedality in pterosaurs (was:climbing dromaeosaurs and friends)

Quetzalcoatlus species is extremely well preserved, and seemingly quadrupedal.  
Also, the

limited flexibility in the neck would make bipedality virtually impossible due 
to cg
problems.  When assembled to the torso, the bones of the arm and leg articulate 
to the
standard quadrupedal stance.  Also, Qn doesn't appear to have wing power enough 
to launch

from a bipedal stance, but does have sufficient total power for quadrupedal 
launch even
in a dead calm.



Scott Hartman wrote:

> Despite this, derived pterosaurs
> (e.g. Quetzacoatlus) _may_ have evolved s faulative bipedality.  So who
> knows, eh?  Hopefully we'll soon see what Cliff and friends have to say on
> Quetzy and friends.