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Re: Paleo Rhodes Scholar

I had the honor of writing a letter in support of Rud's application for the 
scholarship and couldn't be more delighted that he was successful. Now he has 
to figure out quickly what he will exactly study in Oxford. The requirements 
for the scholarship are interesting in that they stress the combination of both 
academic excellence and athletic excellence, under the assumption that anyone 
that excels at both should have a pretty good future. I know Bill Bradley was 
one and know what he was good at in sports. I guess Bill Clinton was also one 
as well, although don't know what his athletic background is {Insert joke 
here}, except that he is a medium duffer like I am (golf)  and assume there was 
other stuff. Rud has done lots, including Rugby at the University of Illinois 
but it wasn't until I saw his whole CV that I found out he was a North American 
speed skating champion, I guess while in high school. Typical of Rud's modesty 
to have not mentioned that to me in all the time I've k!
nown him. It's just great to have dinos and VP get one of these in our 
community and is well deserved for such a nice person. Yes this is the 
competition for some but, in many ways, it isn't really in that this should 
open up access for him to positions in academia most will never find. It also 
points to those out there to try for stuff like this and don;t be afraid not to 
get it. Rud never thought he would get it (I thought he had a good chance) but 
said what the heck. If you don't try, you won't get it and it only takes time 
to try. Just shows that dinosaur people are special people.

Ralph Chapman

We are continuing our work on theropod tooth shape and should be close to 
finishing a first set of mss. over the next couple of months. Rud

Ralph E. Chapman
Applied Morphometrics Laboratory
National Museum of Natural history
ADP, EG-15  NHB, 10th & Constitution, NW
Smithsonian Institution
Washington, DC 20560-0136
(202) 786-2293, Fax: (202) 357-4122

>>> <MKIRKALDY@aol.com> 12/10/00 04:36PM >>>
Congratulations go to Rud Sadleir for being selected as one of the Rhodes 
Scholars for 2001.   See: 

Rud was most recently on Paul Sereno's Niger exploration team.