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Re: Project Exploration comes home

Hi all,

Have been absent from the list for some time, but wanted to comment on this:

Paul Sereno and his team collected 20 tons of fossils during the four month expedition, which should yield a number of announcements in the coming months/years. Those who haven't as yet read the updates, go to:
for enthralling and detailed commentary and pictures.

It was great!! The website covers a lot of the stuff too, the "Real Deal" is both entertaining and pitiful/frightening. One particular picture is of an arachnid called a solifuge. When you put the cursor on the picture, the word "no T.V." come up. We kept some gladiator solifuges and fed them for entertainment in Gadoufoua.

Also, the Sun-Times article mentions 21 flat tires... Shyeah, in the first two weeks. :)

Anyway, do check out the website if you have a chance. Also, check out our nice little discovery at Camp 3 as mentioned in the Sun-Times article. I won't say much, except I can hardly wait for that jacket to get opened.

Oh, one last thing. There are a few typos in the website, the worst for me is a misquote from myself. For the record, I know that true bugs are Hemiptera and not Hymenoptera. Our doctor thought he was doing me a favor by transcribing my diagnosis of a bite. Too bad it made it on the website as what he wrote rather than what I said...

Talk to you'uns later,

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