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Re: Project Exploration (sun spiders)

Hi all,

At the risk of taking this way off topic, I will comment on the solifuges we saw. They were huge. One of the bigger ones was two inches long. We had been in the area for a couple of weeks when someone commented that they hoped the things didn't repro while we were there. A week later, we were up to our eyes in babies.

Ken mentioned that they were fairly nasty, but we had no problem with them. If anything, they would hang out around the lights and eat the obnoxious insects, and they provided us with entertainment in the evenings (hey, anything's entertaining after a pickax/chisel day :).
Despite what the natives will tell you, they're not venomous and although many of us slept on the ground and all of us slept outside, there were no bites from the things.

Okay, sorry all for the invert post.


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