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Re: Project Exploration (sun spiders)

Having studied and collected spiders for over 20 years, most arachnids don't bother me at all (jumping spiders are even "cute" in my opinion). But those solpugids are really creepy, even if they aren't venomous.
Even seeing one specimen in the daytime is enough to make my skin crawl----I can't imagine having hordes of them invade your campsite at night. I thought the movie "Arachnophobia" was kind of silly, but if you put solifuges in the place of the spiders, that would definitely be scary. Or better yet, a remake of "Them" with giant solifuges instead of ants----with today's special effects, that would be quite a horror show. Anyway, glad to know I am not alone in being a solifugophobe. I'm definitely going to have nightmares tonight.

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