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Re: Project Exploration (sun spiders)

I, too, delight in jumping spiders, or salticids. On the other hand, my
resident, rather large, huntsman spiders (Sparassidae: _Heteropoda
venatoria_) are welcome guests (along with the geckos, _Hemidactylus_) in my
apartment here in east-central Florida (ok, everyone wants a recount; at
least we have the Kennedy Space Center and the Space Shuttle, which just now
landed), few of which ever venture down from my ceiling during their
late-night forays (their antics and those of my local household geckos amuse
me and my other resident therapsid, "Techy," the cat), though those huntsmen
that do can cause a few unsettling moments (a puff of breath sends them
scurrying quickly back up to the overhead). I much prefer them to our local
Black Widow (_Latrodectus mactans_) and Brown Recluse spiders (_Loxoeles
reculsa_), which are really dangerous.

In the field, solpugids not only provide interesting diversions from the
day-to-day desert monotony involving gleaning tiny fragile bones from their
rocky matrices, they also help rid campsites of pesky, noxious insects.

Sure, a solipugid writ large, a la Hollywood, would be an ultimate terror.
Reality, however, puts them into proper perspective.

-= Tuck =-

Solpugids fascinate me,.
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>      Having studied and collected spiders for over 20 years, most
> don't bother me at all (jumping spiders are even "cute" in my opinion).
> those solpugids are really creepy, even if they aren't venomous.
>      Even seeing one specimen in the daytime is enough to make my skin
> crawl----I can't imagine having hordes of them invade your campsite at
> night.  I thought the movie "Arachnophobia" was kind of silly, but if you
> put solifuges in the place of the spiders, that would definitely be scary.
> Or better yet, a remake of "Them" with giant solifuges instead of
> ants----with today's special effects, that would be quite a horror show.
> Anyway, glad to know I am not alone in being a solifugophobe.  I'm
> definitely going to have nightmares tonight.
>                      -----Ken
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