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RE: the elements of style

This is about communication as opposed to accuracy (which I am hardly in a
position to judge).  I can say that I came out of the quoted paragraph
knowing less than I might have.  If the list is going to teach me about
Osteology, which is in fact part of its value, and to introduce terminology
I won't immediately understand, then there is a particular obligation for
Being right about the facts and thinking through your inferences is the
necessary first step.  The second step is determining who your readers are
and deciding how to get the response (understanding and even acceptance in
this case) you want from them.  Your style is your only means to accomplish
your intent, so that makes style important.
English major.<<
This may be one of the reasons for there to be books/dictionary's to look
at? To find words that one doesn't understand? With this new internet world
many (no offense to you) find it way to easy to just look at the internet
for things than to actually go out and find them. Me, I like having used
bookstores, new bookstores, libraries near by. I understand that for some,
that is an impossibility or they have to drive hundreds of miles to find
them. (again, no offense to you).