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Re: New Japanese Theropod (Azuma and Currie)

In a message dated Mon, 11 Dec 2000  1:10:31 PM Eastern Standard Time, "T. Mike 
Keesey" <tmk@dinosauricon.com> writes:

<<>   Seems like *Kitadanisaurus* has been named, at last, as a formal
> taxon. Correct me if I get the name wrong, it's not listed in the
> abstract, which can be read at: 
> http://www.nrc.ca/cgi-bin/cisti/journals/rp/rp_absy_e?cjes_e00-064_37_ns_nf

Kitadanisaurus is supposed to be a deinonychosaur. Perhaps it's

Nope, it appears to be "Kitadanisaurus" all right, though that is not its 
formal name.  Apparently the animal in question had some rather large claws 
that were initially thought to be dromaeosaur claws, though the rest of the 
skeleton has revealed it to be a rather different sort of critter.  I won't 
kill the suspense...

BTW, I was able to access the entire article in .pdf format by clicking a link 
at the address Jaime mentioned.

--Nick P.