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Re: New Japanese Theropod (Azuma and Currie)

NJPharris@aol.com writes:

<<> Seems like *Kitadanisaurus* has been named, at last, as a formal
> taxon. Correct me if I get the name wrong, it's not listed in the
> abstract, which can be read at:
> http://www.nrc.ca/cgi-bin/cisti/journals/rp/rp_absy_e?cjes_e00-064_37_ns_nf

BTW, I was able to access the entire article in .pdf format by >clicking a link at the address Jaime mentioned.

I went to the website above. I was not able to access the entire article - at least not without handing over $20 as a "Pay-per-View" fee to download it. How do I access the .pdf file?



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