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Muscle Questions

Hello all;

I'm in the process of researching the Great Auk (Alca impennis) in preparing to build one. I've got information on the limb musculature of two species of murres (common and thick billed) which give dry muscle weights. I'm going to use these as the starting points for bulking up my Auk. I have a few questions for the List;

1) What is the water content of muscle tissue? How much do I have to multiply the dry weights I have to get to the "wet" weight?

2) What is the specific gravity of muscle tissue? Once I have my "wet" weight, how much volume does a given weight of muscle fill?

3) If anyone knows of any references with detailed muscle and/or skeletal studies of the Razorbill (Alca torda, a bird more closely related to A. impennis than are the murres), please forward them.

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