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Re: New Japanese Theropod (Azuma and Currie)

In a message dated 12/12/00 1:00:06 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
z_heraklides@hotmail.com writes:

> I went to the website above.  I was not able to access the entire article - 
>  at least not without handing over $20 as a "Pay-per-View" fee to download 
>  it.  How do I access the .pdf file?

Honestly, folks, I have no idea how I got access to the article.  I guess 
sometimes, when an article or journal first goes on-line, there are glitches 
in the system (this has happened to me at least once before).  I was not 
asked to pay for the article; I just clicked on the title and my computer 
started downloading.  Today I was unable to access the article.

I'm not sure just what the ethical considerations are in a situation like 
this--i.e. whether it would be OK for me to e-mail copies to friends--and 
besides, the file is very large and takes a long time to upload and download.

I would be happy to do a quick write-up for the list, however.

--Nick P.