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RE: New Japanese Theropod (Azuma and Currie)

> I went to the website above.  I was not able to access the entire
article -
>  at least not without handing over $20 as a "Pay-per-View" fee to download
>  it.  How do I access the .pdf file?

Honestly, folks, I have no idea how I got access to the article.  I guess
sometimes, when an article or journal first goes on-line, there are glitches
in the system (this has happened to me at least once before).  I was not
asked to pay for the article; I just clicked on the title and my computer
started downloading.  Today I was unable to access the article.<<
Here's an idea people, check out the journal when it comes out. That is the
only way to do it. All this on line stuff people want, it just kind of gets
to me some times :<