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Dinosaur FAQ #3

Thanks to everyone who's helped out with FAQ #2 (which you'll recall
was: What good dinosaur books are available?)  The preliminary answer
to that question is now up and ready for comment: you can see it at
I have to admit I was surprised by the low number of replies to this
question: I actively solicit further recommendations and
anti-recommendations where appropiate.  Also, all comments on what's
already on the page are very welcome: send them to <mirk@mail.com>

Now it's time to launch FAQ #3, which is on the subject of actually
obtaining literature.  It comes in two parts (and will actually be
presented as two separate questions in the FAQ):

        How can I obtain out-of-print dinosaur books such as Robert
        Bakker's _The Dinosaur Heresies_ and Greg Paul's _Predatory
        Dinosaurs_?  Given their enormous popularity and influence,
        why were they allowed to go out of print in the first place?

        And how can I get hold of technical papers?  Are any published
        on the web?

As always, responses to <dinofaq@egroups.com> please -- they will be
seen by me and by anyone who's registered an interest in the
FAQ-building process (which you too are very welcome to do at
should you wish.)

Thanks in advance!

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