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Interesting Paleo-quote Identity

I was surprised at the number of interesting ideas for the source of
this quote:

"... the Dinosauria present a graduated series of approximations to the
birds, and possess several peculiarities in common with that class,
standing between them and the Crocodilia."

I received about thirty responses to this query. They included (in no
particular order): O.C. Marsh, Thomas Huxley, Ernst Mayr, Ernst von
Haeckel, Sir Richard Owen, Hugh Miller, A. Feduccia, Gerhard Heilmann,
Samuel Williston, Edward Hitchcock, H.G. Seely, Karl Gegenbaur, and J.
Evans ......... None of which were correct

Now, drum roll please.....  and the answer is....... :-)


Cope, E. D., 1869. On the reptilian orders Pythonomorpha and
Streptosauria. Proc. Boston Soc. Nat. Hist. 12:250-266.

Would you all congratulate Kenneth Kinman for his winning entry:

"Mike, I would guess Edward Cope, but it is just a guess. Maybe
1869-1870, in his work on Reptilia and Aves of North America??"

Markus Moser came in second place with the correct answer... after one
wrong guess.

Thanks to all who participated... it was very interesting to see the
variety of responses..

Mike Everhart