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Re: Details on Protopteryx


>> "PRO-toe-teryx", or "Pro-TOP-teryx", with the emphasis on the
>> middle syllable?

> In the meantime, I choose to pronounce the name "pro-toe-teryx"
> for no good reason other than it sounds better to me. :-)

I think the name has to be pronounced "pro-to-PTE-ryx", since
it is derived from "proto" (early) and "pteryx" (feather/wing,
like in "PTE-ro-saur").
I don't know, whether the P in "Pte" is silent in English. In German
it isn't.

Best regards, Juergen Peters

   Juergen Peters, FidoNet 2:2432/344
      Borgholzhausen, Germany
   WWW: http://www.graybeast.de