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Re: Details on Protopteryx

Ken Kinman wrote:
>      I agree completely.  The second "p" is not only to be  pronounced, but
> is the syllable that is emphasized:  pro-TOP-ter-yx.  Names like Lepidoptera
> and Coleoptera would sound very peculiar if this "p" were silent.
>      The only silent "p" words I can think of are those which begin with
> "p", like pterosaur, pneumonia, psychologist, etc.
>                              ------Ken

I have heard enough to convince me on the non-silent "p", but I am still
not sure about the stress.  Your argument emphasises a syllable that is
made up of the linking part of the first half of the name, plus part of
the initial consonant of the second.  For your insects the distinction
_ought_ to be between the Sheath-wings = COLeo-ptera and the Scale-wings
= LEPido-ptera.  I know that it is to late to change the common
pronunciation of these two, but given that pretty much every other word
staring with "proto-" is pronounced "PROto-" (eg protoplasm, which is
not pro-TOP-lasm) shouldn't we encourage the same for new dinosaurs?  As
I said before, if we are concerned to get the formation right, should we
not make a little bit of an effort on the pronunciation - or is
nomenclature just too eclectic for that?