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Books real and otherwise

My attention has been called to my books listed on the dust cover of the 
Scientific American Book of the Dinosaur. Here are is the correct info. 

Beyond Humanity: currently available, order at a bookstore or Amazon - now. 

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Dinosaur Skeletons: available only in 
Japanese  language bookstores - if at all. 

Predatory Dinosaurs of the World: not in print, so get out there and find a 
used copy in the that wild and crazy Darwinian world we live in. 

Dinosaurs of the Air: just got the final manuscript to JHU Press so it should 
be out late next year, hopefully in time for SVP. 

Dinosaurs and Birds: now that's peculiar. Doesn't exist now or ever. Hey, 
would could all pretend it exists, and next time your stuck at the airport or 
somewhere with nothing to do you could pretend to read it and therby kill 
some time. 

While on this general subject I will someday when I get around to revising 
PDW but I have no idea when. No plans to do other similar books on other dino 
groups but reserve the right to change my mind some time in the far distant 
future. Many thanks for not asking about them. 

Greg Paul