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Re: Details on Protopteryx

Jürgen Peters wrote:

<I think the name has to be pronounced "pro-to-PTE-ryx", since it is
derived from "proto" (early) and "pteryx" (feather/wing, like in
PTE-ro-saur"). I don't know, whether the P in "Pte" is silent in
English. In German it isn't.>

  protos [prah-TAHS] (Greek), before (in combination, proto-
  pterygos [TAIR-ee-gahs] (Greek), a wing/a feather (also, pteryx

  The "p" in the "pt" combination is unvoiced when it occurs at the
beginning of a word, but becomes a part of the preceeding syllable when
it occurs within a word. Similarly, the accent shifts to the
antepenultimate from the penultimate (TAIR-iks is penultimate) so in
the phrase *Protopteryx* the accent is on the "top" syllable, and thus
would be pronounced [prah-TAHP-tair-iks'] (where "'" is a minor

  In extension, mih-KROW-raap-tehr (_aa_ is the "a" in "at") for
*Microraptor,* but I don't know very securely how to pronounce "Fukui"
so I'm going to abstaine before I put my foot yet more firmly in my

  Jaime A. Headden

  "I suffer from chronic pes-in-mouth disease"

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