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Re: Details on Protopteryx

>   In extension, mih-KROW-raap-tehr (_aa_ is the "a" in "at") for
> *Microraptor,* but I don't know very securely how to pronounce "Fukui"
> so I'm going to abstaine before I put my foot yet more firmly in my
> mouth.
>   Jaime A. Headden

Wow, I get to use my Japanese for dinosaur stuff... who'd've thought?

"Fukui" isn't too bad.  It's three syllables, fu-ku-i, with the "fu" coming
out as a cross between an "h" sound and an "f" sound--it's a kind of puff of
air.  Americanized, the name would probably come out "foo-koo-ee" if someone
wanted to enunciate, or "foo-kwee" if they were in a hurry.  Where the
accent would go, I have no idea... I want to pronounce it
"foo-KOO-i-rap-tor", but..

My 2 yen =)

Andrea Kirk
Undergraduate, University of Maryland
Computer Science & Japanese