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Response to HP Jordan Mallon

Unlike the Austrian government*, I try to keep my promises...
> >The upper jaw looks asymmetrical, and the legs look very far apart. The
> >shoulder blades are way too vertical for any dinosaur, and the fault on the
> >waist is borrowed from monitors, I'd rather not draw one on a dinosaur.
> What do you mean by 'fault on the waist'?  You refer to this throughout your
> critique, but I'm not sure what you mean.
Late at night, my English gradually leaves me :-( :-( . I tried to mean the skin *fold* on the flanks of big lizards and your dinos.

> >_Carnotaurus sastrei_, too, has problems with perspective (e. g. the neck
> >probably looks too long).
> Well, as Jaime Headden graciously pointed out, I restored this dinosaur
> based on a Louis Psihoyos photograph of a mount.  I did my best to follow
> the restored skeletal proportions, not knowing at the time that the skeleton
> itself was sadly out of proportion (eg: laterally compressed skull).  So far
> as I know, I think Louis Rey did a _Carnotaurus_ restoration based on the
> same mount.
Okay, okay...

> >depicted animals have a waist fault? Why don't the upper and lower beaks of
> >_Chirostenotes_ match?
> Out of curiosity, do all bird and dinosaur beaks match?
All I've seen do at least...

> >And what is between the ischia and pubes of
> >_Daspletosaurus_?
> Nothing.  Why, what do you see?
The skin bulges greatly downwards. HP GSP, in his "Predatory Dinosaurs of the World", expresses the opinion that there was only a sheet of connective tissue or so in that place, and I haven't seen anyone disagree with that (please correct me if I'm wrong).

> >_Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis_: "solidify the fact that this dinosaur
> >was
> >indeed a pachycephalosaur." Rather: "show that a pachycephalosaur is
> >something very different from a pachycephalosaur."
> I missed that.  Could you please clarify that?
"show that a pachycephalosaur is something very different from a TROODONTID" or vice versa. I have jumbled these two possibilities. B-( B-( It was really late at night.

> >         As some others have already stated onlist, the genetive of "it" is
> >"its", "it's" is short for "it is" only.
> Yes, I know.  Where did I go wrong?
At the end of the first paragraph on _Proceratosaurus_. Sorry that I have chosen you for this. Lots of famous people have jumbled "its" and "it's" onlist, and I'm really surprised that native speakers so often make this mistake. When I was in school (till last June), our English teacher always told us we shouldn't make the common mistakes and most frequently mentioned tense problems (past/present perfect; simple/progressive), adjectives/adverbs (the same in German), even forgetting the 3rd person -s, but hardly ever it's/its, and I can't recall anyone in my class having made this mistake more than once (of course, this may tell more about my memory), even though we don't have a similar case in German.

> >_Velociraptor mongoliensis_ vs. _Psittacosaurus mongoliensis_: Is my screen
> >fooling me, or are there really no feathers below the dark line?
> Nope.  You can blame that one on your screen (and on the scan).
No wonder. The screen is a no-name which isn't recognized by the computer.

>Hope this helps! (Some people tell me I'm annoying... :-]  )

> Y'know, you really were a big help, Mr. Marjanovic.  As I've already said,
> after your original response I got quite a few e-mails saying, "Oh, don't
> let him get you down, Jordan."  Well, I didn't.  If anything I've learned a
> lot from your post and from those who have thus far responded to it. 
So have I.
Y'know, some list members have used my first name, others have called me "Mr.". I don't care at all; some people might change their attitude when they know that I'll become 18 1/2 years old on 1 January 2001 and have only in October inscribed at the University...
> Thanks a lot for all the help.  As I state on my index page "It seems the
> only way I can learn is by making mistakes!"

> >Your potential, anyway, is wonderful. You may end up next to GSP, Brian
> >Franczak, Jaime A. Headden, Daniel Bensen et al..
> Sigh... I only wish...
> -Jordan Mallon
Of course. It's just a matter of time.
*The present Chancellor (~Prime Minister) said his party would go into opposition if they would become 3rd. This has happened. He, the Minister of Education and Stuff (same party) and others have promised for a year that they won't introduce fees for studying at universities . These were lies right into the face of people -- the fees (an incredible 10,000 ÃS/year, = 726.73 â [euros], = roughly 685 US$ [the â is rising again]) will come next year if the immense protests aren't going to be successful. And so on.