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Re: Kosher dinos

Not all birds are kosher, so I wouldn't expect all dinosaurs would be either. I believe that all birds of prey are definitely not kosher, so I guess a Tyrannosaurus steak wouldn't be kosher either.
I doubt that vegetarian dinosaurs would be acceptable either, but it might for an interesting plot for a future movie----
Jurassic Park XVIII: Does It Taste Like Chicken?
-------Ken :-)
From: "Demetrios M. Vital" <vita0015@tc.umn.edu>
Reply-To: vita0015@tc.umn.edu
To: "DML" <dinosaur@usc.edu>
Subject: Kosher dinos
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 11:40:43 -0600

I just came to a humorous realization. If birds are dinosaurs, then the debate over whether dinsoaurs are kosher has ended. (No, this is not a popular debate) Up until now, dinosaurs have been guaged against the mammal kosher guidelines (cloven hooves and chewing of cud), but seeing as no one took into account the evolutionary relationships, everyone thought dinos were unkosher. But the conundrum now is that no reptile is kosher. So when is a bird not a reptile? Or better yet, when is a dinsoaur not a reptile?

Looks like cladistics won't affect just the scientific community!

Peace out, Demetrios Vital

P.S. I wouldn't lose sleep over this if you eat Kosher (I don't eat Kosher, BTW).
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