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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #153

Thanks to dinosaur list members Nick Pharris and Jaime Headden for finding 
this reference:

Azuma, Y. & Currie, P. J. 2000. "A new carnosaur (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from 
the Lower Cretaceous of Japan," Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 37(12): 

The paper describes the allosaurid carnosaur Fukuiraptor kitadaniensis, based 
on a recently discovered partial but rather poorly preserved skeleton. It is 
said to be similar in size and appearance to Sinraptor. I will have no 
further information on this dinosaur until that issue of Canadian Journal of 
Earth Sciences arrives at a library here in San Diego; the website with the 
abstract is currently unreachable (it is being updated).

A tooth once nicknamed "Kitadanisaurus" in a few Japanese publications, never 
formally described under that name and originally considered dromaeosaurid, 
is supposedly shown by this new material to be the allosaurid Fukuiraptor. So 
I've placed "Kitadanisaurus" into synonymy with Fukuiraptor in the list of 
Asiatic dinosaurs for the second printing of Mesozoic Meanderings #3. From 
the same region (Katsuyama City) the indeterminate large allosaurid nicknamed 
"Katsuyamasaurus," known from an ulna and a caudal vertebra, is likely also 
referable to this genus, and I have synonymized it with Fukuiraptor as well. 
These synonymies are tentative until I see a copy of the paper (and probably 
will remain tentative afterward as well!). Finally, indeterminate large, 
dromaeosaurid-like claws found in this region apparently are also referable 
to Fukuiraptor.

Both "Kitadanisaurus" and "Katsuyamasaurus" first appeared in print in David 
Lambert's Dinosaur Data Book.

So to the Dinosaur Genera List we add genus #897:

Fukuiraptor Azume & Currie, 2000

and the entry for Fukuiraptor in the list of Asiatic dinosaurs reads as 

Fukuiraptor Azuma & Currie, 2000
    = "Katsuyamasaurus" Lambert, 1990 [nomen nudum]
    = "Kitadanisaurus" Lambert, 1990 [nomen nudum]
    F. kitadaniensis Azume & Currie, 2000â
NOTE: "Katsuyamasaurus" was considered an indeterminate allosaurid by Dong, 
Hasegawa & Azuma, 1990 (The Age of Dinosaurs in Japan and China) but is 
likely referable to this genus. "Kitadanisaurus" was considered an 
indeterminate dromaeosaurid in the same reference and also by Manabe & 
Hasegawa, 1991, but it too now appears to belong to this allosaurid genus.

I wonder whether "Kagasaurus," an indeterminate large theropod from the Early 
Cretaceous of Shiramine Village, Japan, based on two teeth, might not also be 
referable to this genus. I'll leave it alone for now.

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