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Re: Kosher dinos

> If I have understood the logic underlying "kosher", then most theropods would 
> not be kosher and most other dinos would be. B-)
> I very strongly doubt, however, that a word for "reptile" or anything similar 
> exists in Biblical Hebrew and therefore in the
> prescriptions on what is kosher...

I believe that extant reptiles are not kosher because they are
considered sheratzim - things that swarm or crawl.  Since the term
"sheretz" include mice and cockroaches as well as lizards, it appears to
be a polyphyletic taxon.  :-)

There is an argument to the effect that one of the most notable features
of dinosaurs is the positioning of the legs under the body, and that
this feature makes them no longer sheratzim.

If dinosaurs are treated as birds, then one might argue that as they are
not explicitly listed in the Torah as either treif or kosher, then they
should be considered safeik - doubtful, and a Rabbi's advice sought.