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Hello may I join in?


Hello to the members of this list.

 I have only just joined, and I have to say that you all seem a nice lot, always ready to help each other when asked, this is a mark of special people.

 I do feel a bit like an impostor. I am a middle aged mum with 4 kids, 3 married and one at university studying Computer Programming  and 8 grandchildren. 

 I have been a Dino nut since I was very young and my parents took me to a place called Crystal Palace near London, and I was able to sit on the wonderful full size models that were on show there.  You can’t get near them now, they have been put on a island in the park to keep them from being damaged.

 I was not very happy to hear later that they were not anatomically correct, and when I go there now with the kids I do see their point,  But it didn’t/doesn’t stop my joy when I see them.  I just wonder who built them, and how they were constructed without all this modern technology which you youngsters take for granted. I thought my Father used to say they were part of the “Festival of Britain” held in 1951 but I never found out if this was true. I would be very interested if anybody knows if it is?

 You must also bare in mind that in my youth there were only about 10 Common known types, so I was able to teach their somewhat simplified names to my own children,  The correct Present known names would fill Kiddies with horror today, but mine loved to hear all about the Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Diplodocus,  We made up some “interesting” bed time stories, mind you not exactly true to life, and the Troll character was hard to explain. <Hahaa>

 May you all achieve what you wish in this life and Thank-you for brightening up my life.