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Re: Kosher dinos

In the midst of a silly discussion on whether or not extinct dinosaurs would
have been kosher if they were not, in fact, extinct, "Jenny Lando"
<jenny@amnh.org> introduces:

> The Science of God : The Convergence of
>   Scientific and Biblical Wisdom
>   by Gerald L. Schroeder

I caution readers not to pursue this part of the thread on the
dinosaur list.  Although Schroeder is relatively mild in the
contortions through which he will put the claims of scientists in
order to support his contentions, his goals are orthogonal to the
purpose of this list.  Pursuing the questions he addresses will almost
definitely cause you to run afoul of our No-Creationism policy.  I
think Jenny stepped up to the line without going over it.  I have no
confidence that any further responses will remain in bounds, so I
suggest that if you are even considering responding to Jenny, do it
privately or run it past me and/or Mary first.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@psych.ucsb.edu)