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Holy Grail of DinoArt

In a message dated 12/18/00 12:12:30 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
dinosaur@dinosaur.org writes:

<<  To many "fans" the holy grail of DinoArt is the discovery of the location 
of the smashed remains.
 > ES >>
  I'm afraid that even if Hawkins' rubble is ever found, all one would find 
after all this time would be chunks of decomposing plaster. Luckily for us 
all, Hawkins' oil paintings of K New Jersey scenes ( as well as Knight 
preliminaries for the Field Museum) are now in the caring hands of the 
Princeton University Museum of Art. This may be a first for this genre. 
  As for the Holy Grail of DinoArt department, I should like to see one (1) 
anatomical study of a dinosaur by Chas.R. Knight, or an original of one of 
the oil paintings that James E. Allen created for Sinclair back in the 30's, 
or a REALLY good photo of Marcel Delgado's Tyrannosaurus in either King Kong 
or The Lost World (1925). 
  I would very much like to hear what others might consider valuable in this 
respect. Also, don't forget that Bill Stout is available for interrogation at 
Ed's website for a few more days at http://www.dinosaur.org/.