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Re: PhyloCode again (was *Eudibamus*)

On Wed, 20 Dec 2000, Ken Kinman wrote:

>      Unfortunately the term Reptilia can't be "ignored" either.  In fact, 
> upon putting mesosaurs back in with anapsids, Laurin and Gauthier have 
> decided to use Reptilia rather than Sauropsida in the Arizona "Tree of 
> Life".

Sauropsida is stem-defined (Reptilia <-- Mammalia), and Reptilia is
node-defined (Chelonia + _Sphenodon_ + Squamata + Crocodylia). Under this
newer phylogeny, they are equal in membership, but are not the same
clades. The cladogram was probably simplified.

> From this I would guess that Gauthier might want Reptilia to replace 
> Sauria, if and when turtles are transferred to Lepidosauromorpha or 
> Archosauromorpha.

Eee.... Yuck.

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