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Re: Running T. rex

>    I've just heard Olivier Rieppel say on the radio  that Sue was unable
>to run, that ?she could only walk. How come?   Have I listened correctly,
>is ?she 13,5 m  long?   Thanks in advance for answers.  :-)

I just asked Olivier about this, and he responded with "I was on the radio?

But to answer your question - a lot of it depends on what you mean by
"run."  Work by Matt Carrano, John Hutchinson, and others suggests that
suspensory locomotion (i.e. running in such a way that both feet are off
the ground at the same time at some point in the gait) would have been
unlikely.  If we define "run" that way, then T. rex may not have been a

And Sue is an "it," not a "she."


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