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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #153 (JOKE)

I beg your pardon, but I believe that you misinterpret George's stance. His
intriguing, albeit  controversial, insights, suggest a radical (i.e., root)
reversal of perceived dinosaur-bird  relationships. Furthermore, regardless
of what your opinion of George's often refreshing, and never dull, thoughts
on the matter, his assiduous, meticulous, not to say awesome, delvings into
dinosaurian taxonomy, nomenclature, and published sources cannot be fairly
faulted. If the taxon _Zygodactylus_ Ballmann, 1966, ever properly appeared
in print, I, for one, have no doubt that George would have noted  it. To be
fair, we also must praise Tracy Ford  in this respect.

Personally,  I remember my converations with my late, much lamented, and
especially personally good friend, Nicholas Hotten III, when, in our last
talk together in his office at the Smithsonian's National Mueum of Natural
History (USNM), I asked him about _Protoavis_ , discovered  and described by
his former student Sanjay Chatergee. "Bob," he said, "I don't know what it
is, but I've looked at the material, and Sanjay has come up with something
interesting. I don't know what it means."

I must content myself in my feeble attempts to provide lizard skull and jaw
material to help Nick in his analysis of dicynondont chewing mechanisms.

Furthermore, and most personally, I note that my late supervisor, Dr. James
A. Peters, Curator of Reptiles and Amphibians, USNM, died of liver cancer 28
years + 2 days ago. So far, including my rough handling by the minions of
the partisans of the late 'Ayahtollah Khomeini in Iran, Jim's untimely death
at age 52 has been the most profound and unsettling experience in my life.

Only continued research and field work and detailed studies will validate,
or invalidate, or support, or reject, George's hypothesis. Regardless, his
ideas merit consideration and respectful evaluation within the full,
documented context of ongoing studies.

-= Tuck=-

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> >Incidentally, this name if it is ever published will become
> >the last dinosaur name in the List.
> Well, I know George, you don't believe birds are dinosaurs, but for most
> subscribers on this list it would be Zygodactylus Ballmann, 1966!
> Fred