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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #153 (JOKE)

George Olshevsky wrote-

> It's certainly a properly published taxon, but the Dinosaur Genera List
> excludes "true birds" or "avialan birds" (but not, of course, dinobirds,
> should these finally appear in the fossil record). I only list those
> that some have called "nonavian dinosaurs."

You exclude avialans (all closer to Neornithes than to Deinonychus)?  Hmm.
What happens if the prevailing phylogeny is (Dromaeosauridae (Troodontidae
(Alvarezsauridae + Aves))) (which is quite common in my analyses)?  Would
troodontids then be excluded from your list?  And if Elzanowski is right and
troodontids, ornithomimosaurs, segnosaurs and oviraptorosaurs are all closer
to neornithines than dromaeosaurids, will you exclude them from your list as

Mickey Mortimer