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Re: New papers (relevant to bird origins)

On Wed, 20 Dec 2000, Mickey_Mortimer wrote:

> David Marjanovic wrote-
> > Great! I'll take this as support for my own paper (sorry, at the moment I
> > can't say more than "stay tuned"), specifically for the part that is based
> > on
> Hmm.  While the idea of avian oviraptorids is intriguing, even Elzanowski's
> characters don't turn the tide in my cladograms when combined with the
> evidence that dromaeosaurs (or alternatively alvarezsaurids and troodontids)
> are closest to birds.  

I must say that I'm especially fond of Elzanowski's hypothesis. Would
the addition of eggshell data do anything? Oviraporids had ratite type
eggshell whereas troodontids retain a dinosauroid-prismatic eggshell.


Adam Yates