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Re: New papers (relevant to bird origins)

> > > Great! I'll take this as support for my own paper (sorry, at the
moment I
> > > can't say more than "stay tuned"), specifically for the part that is
> > > on
> >
> > Hmm.  While the idea of avian oviraptorids is intriguing, even
> > characters don't turn the tide in my cladograms when combined with the
> > evidence that dromaeosaurs (or alternatively alvarezsaurids and
> > are closest to birds.
> I must say that I'm especially fond of Elzanowski's hypothesis. Would
> the addition of eggshell data do anything? Oviraporids had ratite type
> eggshell whereas troodontids retain a dinosauroid-prismatic eggshell.

These eggshell data are included in my paper; we should find eggs of
*Archaeopteryx* and dromaeosaurs (seems unlikely for the former)... my 2
cents' worth predict both will have dinosauroid-prismatic shells.

I'm satisfied I know where birds have come from.
                                     John H. Ostrom after he first saw