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Re: New papers (relevant to bird origins)

Adam Yates and David Marjanovic wrote-

> > I must say that I'm especially fond of Elzanowski's hypothesis. Would
> > the addition of eggshell data do anything? Oviraporids had ratite type
> > eggshell whereas troodontids retain a dinosauroid-prismatic eggshell.
> These eggshell data are included in my paper; we should find eggs of
> *Archaeopteryx* and dromaeosaurs (seems unlikely for the former)... my 2
> cents' worth predict both will have dinosauroid-prismatic shells.

Actually, Deinonychus eggshells are known.  See
http://www.cmnh.org/fun/dinosaur-archive/2000Jul/msg00454.html for details.
Unfortunately, they have not been described, but they are apparently closer
to oviraptorids than troodontids.  The addition of a "ratite-type eggshell"
character in my matrix (with troodontids 0, oviraptorids 1 and ornithurines
1) doesn't change the topology.  Oviraptorids are still below troodontids,
alvarezsaurids and dromaeosaurids.  Anyone know the type of eggshell in
Deinonychus or Lourinhanosaurus?

Mickey Mortimer