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Re: frivolity: Sound of Thunder

--- David Krentz <David.Krentz@disney.com> wrote:

>   Also, the director of this project, Rolan Emerich
> (if that's how you
> spell his name) has given us such screen gems as
> Cutthroat Island. 

Actually, the director tentatively assigned to the
project by Franchise Pictures is Renny Harlin, who was
in fact the director of "Cutthroat Island."

The movie is still being developed.  It's not been
greenlighted yet.  Could die.

> YIKES!  My guess is that he casts his wife, Gena
> Davis as kick-ass
> reporter or something like that.  

Fear not.  She's not his wife any more.

> I guess more
> dinosaurs on the
> big-screen isn't a bad thing though.

They make rips in the screen with all of their
galavanting and pack hunting though ....


"Catapultam habeo. Nisi Pecuniam omnen mihi dabis ad capul tuum saxum immane 


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