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Re: frivolity: Sound of Thunder

On Thu, 21 Dec 2000, Larry Dunn wrote:
> --- David Krentz <David.Krentz@disney.com> wrote:
> >   Also, the director of this project, Rolan Emerich
> > (if that's how you
> > spell his name) has given us such screen gems as
> > Cutthroat Island. 
> Actually, the director tentatively assigned to the
> project by Franchise Pictures is Renny Harlin, who was
> in fact the director of "Cutthroat Island."
> The movie is still being developed.  It's not been
> greenlighted yet.  Could die.




 December 19, 2000... It looks like the rights for Bradbury's story have
 exchanged hands (and filmmakers). Previous to today's
 announcement in The Hollywood Reporter, Dimension Films was the last
 known company to hold the feature rights to A Sound of Thunder,
 with director Breck Eisner attached to the project. Now there's a new
 production company on-board. According to Reporter, Franchise
 Pictures (who are also making next spring's racing film Driven) is now
 developing the project. Actor Pierce Brosnan (the current James
 Bond) is in final negotiations to star in the leading role, along with
 director Renny Harlin (who's also helmed Driven for Franchise Pictures).
 The screenwriters listed for the project back when it was still under
 Dimension Films, Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, are
 also still listed under the Franchise Pictures listing, which we're
 taking means their script hasn't been rewritten.

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