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I may say things that are spoilers....watch out, don't read if you want surprise.
The S. aegyptiacus and T. rex will indeed fight.  The issue of who will win is up in the air as of yet.  There were hints from Winston that the T. rex will have its "comeuppance" for reaking havoc in JP and TLW.  And Jack Horner is the dinosaur advisor for the movie.  He has stated that the S. aeyptiacus was a bigger and badder predator than T. rex because of the long arms, which corellates to the T. rex going down.  But keep in mind: this takes place four years after TLW, and there are at least three T. rexes on Isla Sorna, to one S. aegyptiacus...
The Pteranodon ingens may take part in both the plane crash and a paragliding scene or two.  Or three.  Or, heck, there may be way too much paragliding going on!
And the feathered crest info comes from a less reliable JP news source.  Winston did say, however, that the V. mongoliensis are slightly redesigned.  Whatever that means.
Peace out, Demetrios Vital