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Re: Hello may I join in? (Hawkins)

At 10:45 pm 17/12/00 -0500, Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette wrote:
>Interestingly enough, the story most commonly told is that the some of the
dinosaurs for the Central Park Exhibit were, in fact, constructed.
>Boss Tweed's political machine, however, had different ideas about how
they wanted to spend the money allocated for the park. According to the
common account, thugs were sent to destroy the (largely concrete) models.
The pieces were then buried in a currently unknown location in Central Park.


>          Hawkins persisted, however, and Tweed decided more drastic
action was needed. A year later
>          thugs, sent by Tweed, broke into the workshop and smashed the
dinosaurs with sledge
>          hammers. Later, they came back and did the same to Hawkins'
molds and small scale models.

I can see the Far Side-esque caption...

"The Palaeo-Mafia's work done, these ancient gods were sent to "sleep with
the earthworms."

Forgive me, as They Might Be Giants say, "We Just Go Nuts At Christmas".
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