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RE: _Spinosaurus_ (was: Jurassic Park III Info)

Marco Mendez wrote:

<Well, Stromer does make some nice drawings, and that is all we have.
Turns out, there no known cats of the bones. Only teeth are currently
being found, most are fragmental. The paper is in old german, so it is
hard, like us who don't understand a bit of german, to read the paper.
The drawings are excellent and it seems that the lower jaws contained
about 15 teeth (not so sure, but around that number) hope it helps :)>

  There is more to *S. aegyptiacus* than teeth, but this is in the form
of some Moroccan or Algerian material that may even not pertain to *S.
aegyptiacus,* but rather *S. moroccanus* or *S.* sp. They have similar
teeth. A set of jaws have been referred to *S. moroccanus,* but these
pertain to a phenomenal-sized jaw that would not fit the dentary of *S.
aegyptiacus*, and would pertain to an animal roughly the same size.
Spinosaurid theropods from Africa are more complex than known, and
require some revision, in light of Sereno et al. (1998) assertion that
moroccanus is aegyptiacus, and *Cristatusaurus* is a nomen dubium.

Jaime A. Headden

  Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Pampas!!!!

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