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RE: _Spinosaurus_ (was: Jurassic Park III Info)

There is some material, there's only been a couple of papers that mention
such finds. Some specimens have been referred to _Spinosaurus_, but most
are just passed off as nomen dubium. I have my Sereno et al. Suchomimus
paper, they say that S. maroccanus material is just a nomen dubium and
that it all shall be referred to _S. aegyptiacus_ (they refer to all
the material from Albian- and Cenomian age rocks in Northern Africa to
S. aegyptiacus).
As for _Cristutosaurus lapparenti_, another nomen dubium (as claimed
by Sereno et al. ) it is from the area close to where _Suchomimus tenerensis_
was found. In the description of the specimen they state they have some
of the upper jaws and I believe a base of a spine. They do claim for
this specimen to not be _Baryonyx walkeri_ material or anything like
it, they claim this because of the premaxilla shape (and some other features
such as teeth "with smoooth carinae"). what this concludes is; These
authors then cannot say that _S. tenerensis_ is just another _C. lapparenti_.

By the way, in Mike Keesey's site, the dinoicon, it does mention S. aegyptiacus
might have measured up to 50ft. in lenght. 
I do know, from a good source, that some people did look into the site
where _S. aegyptiacus_ was found, that some isolated bones were found.
I do not know what bones or how many. 
Spinosaurs from Africa are being made known, it's al about geting people
to go get the bones. 
I do think i read in a paper, that Milner is looking at some Spino material,
I dont know what though. 
IT is interesting how Spinosaurs do spread out, some books say they're
found in Asia throough North Africa and S. America. 
I guess we shall await more on _Irritator challlengeri_ and _Angaturama
lamai_, which probably are the same specimen (coming from the same location
and time period). 
I apologize if I confused anoyone, there is more Spinosaur material known,
unfortunatly no _S. aegyptiacus_ skeletons. 

I still do wanna see that Spino beat the fossil out of T-rex, maybe it'll
be good......
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---- "Jaime A. Headden" <qilongia@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Marco Mendez wrote:
> <Well, Stromer does make some nice drawings, and that is all we have.
> Turns out, there no known cats of the bones. Only teeth are currently
> being found, most are fragmental. The paper is in old german, so it
> is
> hard, like us who don't understand a bit of german, to read the paper.
> The drawings are excellent and it seems that the lower jaws contained
> about 15 teeth (not so sure, but around that number) hope it helps
> :)>
>   There is more to *S. aegyptiacus* than teeth, but this is in the
> form
> of some Moroccan or Algerian material that may even not pertain to
> *S.
> aegyptiacus,* but rather *S. moroccanus* or *S.* sp. They have similar
> teeth. A set of jaws have been referred to *S. moroccanus,* but these
> pertain to a phenomenal-sized jaw that would not fit the dentary of
> *S.
> aegyptiacus*, and would pertain to an animal roughly the same size.
> Spinosaurid theropods from Africa are more complex than known, and
> require some revision, in light of Sereno et al. (1998) assertion that
> moroccanus is aegyptiacus, and *Cristatusaurus* is a nomen dubium.
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