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Re: [Spinosauridae]

I wrote:

<<Here's some prelim info on spinosaurs from my inprep write-up (I have
papers to get before I can finish it, and there's an *Irritator*
monograph to get to finalize things.... that'll be a while):>>

and Marco Auditore wrote:

<And what about Sigilmassasaurus? At the end is a synonim as acclaimed
by Sereno or is a sort of spinosauroid?>

  Sereno et al. sink it into *Carcharodontosaurus,* based on referred
cervicals in the allosauroid. However, the cervicals in the type do not
pertain to this morphology, as only the axis is present, and thus the
assignment is dubious. While *Sigilmassasaurus* may be an allosauroid,
it cannot be referred to any other taxon that lacks appropriate
overlapping material, especially if its different. They _may_ represent
the same taxon, but without further material this is speculation. I
would keep the Sigilmassa theropod from Carch for the time being ...
The cervicals _do_ resemble those of *Acrocanthosaurus*, but
*Giganotosaurus* is not as well preserved _as published_ to tell, so I
_would_ suggest it is an allosauroid related to *Acrocanthosaurus*.
That's all.

Jaime A. Headden

  Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Pampas!!!!

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